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Welcome to those visiting this page.


Here are a few things that may be of interest to you:



We at Son Light Bible Church continue to follow the CDC guidelines.


Currently masks are not required, but if you feel more comfortable wearing one you are welcome to do so.


Hand sanitizer is provided.


If you are comfortable with being physically close enough to someone to hug or shake hands then please do so.


If you are not comfortable or the person that you are approaching is not receptive, please respect each others feelings.


This continues to be an unusual time and extended respect now and frankly at anytime is a lovely gift.


We will not police vaccinations.







The dress is casual.


SLBC is a smaller, more intimate congregation.


Christian Education - is for adults who still need to learn.  We will never know all there is to learn about our God.


If you are looking for a Bible based church this may be the church for you.  Scripture is taught in Christian Education Classes and from the pulpit.  Scripture is the first consideration when decisions are made.  .


Son Light Bible Church

2503 Oregon Pike, Lancaster, Pa