Son Light Bible Church

2503 Oregon Pike, Lancaster, Pa



May 19, 2019 Sunday




1.   First time out this year and as always it was great to be back out. Today there were four of us Cindy, Kathy, Mike and I.


2.  We set up in the second block from the square on west King St on the shady side of the street. The Lord blessed us with a beautiful day...praise the Lord!!


3.  Today was a little slow but steady.


4.   We gave out a lot of tracts and Bibles.


5.  A young man stopped by, he is a recovering alcoholic. He has been drink free for twelve months. He was so happy to get a Bible from us.


6. The drive up was going well as several cars stopped and asked for Bibles as they drove by.


7. We were blessed to meet a preacher and her assistant from Florida. They were in Lancaster sharing the Word. They saw us and stopped to encourage us and to pray for us!


8. Please pray that God will anoint the materials that were taken today and that they will have a powerful impact for Christ on those who received them.


Thank you for your prayers and support of this ministry.  God bless you.