Son Light Bible Church

2503 Oregon Pike, Lancaster, Pa

The Saturday Morning Men's Group



What makes us special?


To serve our families and our community by following Christ's example. There is much to learn.


We are men who are trying to follow Christ's example and encouraging one another along that pathway. Life has many challenges and we know that God has the solution for each of them. As men we need to be willing to step into the role God has created for us. Together we look to Jesus for leadership and direction as we strive to serve Him.


Every man is welcome, for more information e-mail the church at the link below.

Psalm 145:18


A Women’s Bible Study


Scripture says that God knows the number of hairs on our head, we should strive to know him as “closely”.  Obtaining that closeness can only be accomplished through learning the Bible and through prayer. We can be alone in a crowd of a thousand because the closeness is in bumping into each other and not intimacy, but your dearest friend could be in another state or country and communicating by phone, letter, video chat you don’t feel alone but “close” to them. God is that “close” to us.



Women Leaning on Jesus - meets at Son Light Bible Church 8:30 am each month generally on the first Saturday with a few exceptions please see the Church Calendar and mark your calendars. There is no set limit as to how many months a particular study will take, that depends on the amount of discussion taking place.