Son Light Bible Church

2503 Oregon Pike, Lancaster, Pa

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Here is our current Prayer Letter:


Son Light Bible Church- Bible Ministry

     July 25, 2021

        Praise/Prayer Letter


1. Today there were two of us, Pattie and myself.


2. We set up in our usual place in the 2nd block of west King St. The Lord blessed us with a window of opportunity before the rain started! Praise the Lord!


3. We had a great day, with a fairly steady flow of folks.


4. Shortly after we set up a young couple Trey and his girlfriend stopped. They  were so glad to see us. Two weeks ago they made a commitment to stop drugs  and give their lives to Jesus. They have been drug free since. When they saw us  they felt it was a sign and stopped. We gave them Bibles and talked for a while,  they were so appreciative. Please pray that God will continue to work in their  lives and that they stay drug free.


5. We had a woman named Gladice stop by. She is a Christian but is struggling  with a bladder issue and depression. Please pray for healing, peace and  comfort.


6. We had several folks drive by and walk by expressing appreciation for this  ministry and offering encouragement.


7. We gave out some of the children's Bibles that were donated and a good amount of other materials. It was another great day in Lancaster!


8. Please pray that God will anoint the materials that were handed out today, that  they will have a powerful impact for Christ on those who received them.


Thank you for your prayers and continued support of this ministry. God bless you!




The Bible Ministry is back on the streets of Lancaster from spring through autumn.


The purpose of this ministry is to provide Bibles, and other material to bring the truth of Jesus Christ to the public at no charge.


The members of this ministry are always amazed at the people God brings to them. And humbled that they may be of service to Him.


Please be praying for the ministry, the team members, needed supplies and those the God would bring.


Material for Children, Tweens and Teens continue to be in great need.


More hands are needed


We realize not everyone is comfortable going out to the people.


If you feel you might want to help but are not sure what is required talk with Fred Watson or Pastor Mike.