September 8, 2019 - "Together"

This year's 'Back To Church' theme is TOGETHER. As members of God's creation we are a part of him and he's given us a task to encourage others to come "TOGETHER." It can be cold, cruel and lonely outside of this family. When we come "TOGETHER" we have each other's back, that extra hand when our two aren't enough. Arms to hug us when we so need God's arms around us. A voice when someone needs to hear words of love and encouragement.


We will celebrate 'Back To Church Sunday' on SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 8. There will be a picnic following the Morning Service. Start talking to friends / family members now about the event and invite them to participate. Picnic attire is recommended.


Back To Church

July 22 at 11:42 AM ·

Friendships are special! God designed us to be in community with others and have friendships.







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FAITHIT.COM   You’ve (Still) Got a Friend in Me: The Charming Gravity of ‘Toy Story 4’

"In his best moments, Woody has been a whisper of the friend we have in heaven and a faint replica of the love with which we’re called to love our friends on earth."